Essentia Health-St. Mary’s Opens Breast Milk Depot

DULUTH, Minn. – Area mothers now have easy access to an essential part of newborn babies development.

Tuesday morning, Essentia Health-St. Mary’s announced it is opening a breast milk depot.

It is the first of its kind it St. Louis County.

For some mothers, obtaining breast milk can be a struggle, even going as far as ordering it from other states.

Now, one mother who has 600 ounces of breast milk stocked up, is leading the charge to make sure all mothers access to its benefits.

“Some women, due to c-sections and being away from their babies in the beginning, have a hard time getting their milk established from the get go. Or their babies might have low blood sugars and they need to end up supplementing a little bit until their milk is in. It’s a great opportunity to bridge that gap,” Essentia Heath Registered Nurse, Molly Williams says.

Directors say, the donating process just takes a simple screening.

The breast milk will be available to all area hospitals and will be pasteurized.

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