Hallett Dock Company Supplying Northland’s Salt

Hallett supplies the top third of Wisconsin as well as from Forest Lake to International Falls.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The Hallett Dock Company takes in thousands of tons of salt each year.

Right now they have about 65,000 tons of it on their property in anticipation of the winter including this weekend’s possibly wintry outlook.

Hallett Dock Company uses salt form Morton, Compass Minerals, and Cargill.

The salt actually comes from mines underneath the Great Lakes.

Hallett can have up to one 150,000 tons of salt at any given time, which is necessary, as it serves the top third of Wisconsin and from Forest Lake up to Canada in Minnesota.

“This is the time of year that it really starts to pick up for the salt season for us. Really the first part of September what’s called early fill season all the locations will take salt in anticipation of the first snow storm,” said Mike McCoshen, the President of Hallett Dock Company.

McCoshen also says that last year they ran out of salt completely and needed to ship it up from the Twin Cities because of how difficult winter in the Northland was.

Winters can be expensive for the state too, MnDOT estimated that last year their cost for winter clearing the roads was $133 million.

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