Ordinance Moves to Ban Smoking in Parks

The Parks and Recreation commission passed the ordinance Wednesday night, and will now head to the Superior City Council

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Some Superior city leaders are looking to ban smoking and vaping near playgrounds at parks in Superior.

The Parks and Rec Commission called a special meeting Wednesday night and passed the ordinance that originally would have banned smoking in Superior parks, but now could just ban it near playgrounds.

The ban would include lighted cigars, cigarettes, pipes, vape pens, and more.

Council president Brent Fennessey says something like this takes time to meet the needs of everyone involved.

“That is the whole purpose of the parks and rec commission is so that they can get their fingerprints on this ordinance. I have been intentionally not rushing this because I want them to take their time and I want them to do it right. I want them to get their input in to this ordinance”, said Fennessey.

This isn’t a new law yet. The commission passed it tonight, and now it goes to the Superior City Council for a full discussion and vote. They will likely take it up at the end of this month.

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