Preparing for Bad Weather: Tips and Tricks Walking into the Season’s First Storm

Tips and tricks to stay safe walking into bad Winter-like weather.

DULUTH, Minn.- Fall snow storms and colder weather is nothing Northlanders can’t handle, but it’s important to remember how to stay safe during these seasonal changes.

“Every year when we get our first slippery roadway, ice event, we’re busy,” Minnesota State Patrol public information officer Sgt. Neil Dickenson said.

Three major things state patrol want drivers to keep in mind on snow covered roads: Turn on your lights, increase your following distance and slow down.

“If you slow down, you’re going to have more time to avoid any type of incident that’s in front of you,” Stg. Dickenson said.

There are steps you can take to protect your car before you even get behind the wheel.

“If you think you need new tires, you probably do,” Sgt. Dickenson said.

Duke Boys Auto repair and towing says you should keep a hazard kit in your car.

“Extra blankets, winter clothes, make sure you cell phone is always charged,” Duke Boys manager Kacy Sipper said.

If you do get stuck in bad weather, move your car as far over as possible while you wait for a tow.

“Have patience. It takes a while for everybody to get out. It takes a while for law enforcement to get there if there’s an accident,” Sipper said.

It’s not just how you dress your car that’s important to stay safe this Winter. How you dress your self is really key.

“Now’s the time to break everything out of the closet and see if it fits, and if it doesn’t come on in and get some new stuff,” Northwest Outlet assistant to the manager Scott Miller said.

Before you even step outside, Northwest Outlet says it’s important to protect your skin with layers.

“You’re going to leave the house in the morning, it could be 35 degrees, but by noon it’ll be 50 and by 5’oclock it’ll be 46.

The thing they all agree on during this time of year is to embrace the cold weather.

“If you have the right gear and the right clothing, you can rally enjoy your time outside whether it’s 70 degrees and sunny or it’s 10 degrees outside and snowing,” Miller said.

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