High School Bicyclists Race Down Spirit Mountain

The Minnesota High School Cyclist League races continue.

DULUTH, Minn.- More than three thousand bicyclists and coaches are riding through the Northland this weekend for the annual high school cycling league races.

Sunday morning’s race down Spirit Mountain was the 6th one in the tournament.

High school boys and girls tackled a four mile loop down the hillside and back up again.

The event is a no drop, no tryout, no cut race, meaning organizers encourage anyone who wants to give the race a try to do so.

“Unlike a lot of other sports where you have to drill, drill, drill all week and practice and hope to get 10 minutes under the lights at the game on Friday, here every practice you’re off riding your bike, you’re outdoors, you’re having fun with your friends,” event executive director Josh Kleve said.

The league says they love racing at Spirit Mountain because it’s the perfect all–weather trail, which means rain and snow can’t stop them.

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