Karate Masters in Training at Clyde Iron Works

Largest tournament in region brings students from Thunder Bay and Twin Cities.

DULUTH, Minn.- Clyde Iron Works was packed with students young and old, and their senseis, for the Spirit of the Arts Fall Karate Tournament.

Students from as far as Thunder Bay and the Cities presented their choreographed forms and sparring to panels of judges.

With kids starting as young as seven, organizers say teaching good sportsmanship is just as important as teaching good moves.

“We’re firm believers that what we do has a broader impact on society,” said Sensei Stefan Stein, owner of Stonehouse Martial Arts. “Martial arts is supposed to and does teach you more than just the physical side of kicking and punching, we learn a lot about ourselves and other people and how we work together in competition.”

The next tournament is February 9th at Clyde.

It’s an open tournament, people of all ages are welcome to participate.

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