Wheels For Brandon Raising Money for Comedian’s Accessible Van

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Dozens filled the room at VIP in Superior to help local comedian Brandon St. Germaine afford an accessible van.

St. Germaine lives with Diastrophic dysplasia, a form of dwarfism, and needs to have a van that runs at the price tag of $40,000 to include a ramp to be able to be independent.

A comedy night was held where St. Germaine along with other comedians performed, using some dark humor to entertain the crowd.

“The world’s tough and you’ve gotta laugh sometimes,” says St. Germaine.

St. Germaine’s mom says she just wants the best for her son to be able to perform comedy without having to ask for rides.

“Nobody wants to take their mom with them when they go on a date or when they want to take on a show or go do his comedy, he doesn’t want to have to drag his mom along all the time,” says Christina St. Germaine.

Brandon’s dark humor is not for children, but it is how he says he deals with any struggles he has.

But when asked if he wants to offer hope to people who might be struggling with things he says,

“Oh no, hope is not the thing I’m offering. No i’m offering a realistic perspective on life. Things are hard a lot of people are struggling with a lot of things I’m struggling to pay for a vehicle a lot of people get when they’re 16,” said Brandon.

Christina, Brandon’s mother, also says that their family has been using humor to help Brandon through the many surgeries he faced growing up.

“You just have to put a smile on your face and say you know what you’re not going to tear me down because I’m stronger than that. And we kind of use that as a way to get through the struggles that he’s had to go through,” says Christina.

Fellow comedian Daniell Thralow, who also performed at Brandon’s comedy night, says she wants to see him become independent.

“He always has a positive attitude and he’s willing to talk about things I think a lot of people would be hesitant to be that vulnerable and so that’s inspiring and he’s funny…he’s funny,” said Thralow.

Those at the comedy night all seemed to agree Brandon’s positive attitude has gotten him where he is today.

“Life isn’t peaches and cream, life isn’t always pretty. But you can still have fun you can still enjoy yourself,” says Brandon.

Brandon’s GoFundMe Wheels for Brandon can be found here.



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