Superior Recognizes Indigenous People’s Day

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The city of Superior recognizes Indigenous People’s Day.

City leaders, activists, and the local tribal community came together in the Government Center in Superior to honor the importance of recognizing this holiday.

Every year since 2016 the city of Superior has proclaimed Indigenous People’s Day.

But many from the tribal community say the recognition by Superior brings awareness to the importance this change can have, now that many cities across the country are adopting the holiday.

“What this does is it recognizes that people are listening, that they are becoming advocates to help join in getting that message out. Indigenous people were here and are still here and that people are listening to what we have to say,” said Gary Johnson

Others also believe that this is more about empowering and protecting the future of the tribal youth.

“It is our youth that is asking for change. They want to see this recognition. They want to see things change in their educational journey and how history is being taught,” said Rene Ann Goodrich.

Indigenous People’s Day is recognized on the second Monday of October in Superior every year.

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