Superior Street Construction Possibly Delayed Due to Weather

City officials will have a better idea of the construction timeline by the end of this week.

DULUTH, Minn.- Duluth drivers should keep planning for a longer commute time through downtown.

Superior street construction has been delayed and will likely continue into November.

City officials say the delay has to do with weather and the numbers check out– Duluth is more than three inches above average rainfall for September and October.

“When we get rain storms like we’ve had, it’s really hard to continue the work that we need to do,” city PIO Kate Van Daele said.

Rain, rain, go away! Workers are doing the best they can to make the most of sunny Fall days.

But the unpredictable weather is slowing down the city’s biggest construction project.

“It’s okay! Weather– Minnesota… We’re use to that. And we expected it. That’s okay. Just a couple more weeks. And that’s it,” Art in the Alley manager Kathy Ponder said.

Businesses on the stretch from lake avenue to 4th avenue east have been blocked off to through traffic since April, but they’re keeping their heads up.

“It’s taken a long time, but they’re doing a great job, we want them to do a great job, but we’re looking forward to the finish line… We can see it!” Ponder said.

The city says this week will make or break the timeline and answer the question: will things be finished by the end of October as planned?

“We’re really just not sure unfortunately and we just have to take it day by day because of the weather conditions and see how far out that pushes us,” Van Daele said.

Ponder says you just have to look on the brightside:

“They’re all doing great, too and the finish line is right there.”

City leaders will not open up just a portion of the road, rather they’ll wait until all four blocks under construction are done no matter how long that takes.

The ‘Rock the Block’ end of construction celebration is still scheduled for October 26.

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