Learning Archery with Duluth Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec hosted monthly Family Archery Night.

DULUTH, Minn.- Some people in Duluth got to play Robin Hood at Family Archery Night at the Washington Center Gym on First Avenue West.

The night was put together by Duluth Parks and Recreation.

Participants learned the basic safety, technique, and process for shooting archery. They also tested their skills in archery games and challenged.

According to organizers, the hardest thing for most to learn is getting your mind, and your arms, to work together.

“Having to do both the physical action and be focused mentally at the same time and it takes some practice to do both of those,” said Sam Werle, Recreation Specialist.

“You know it is pretty physical, and so you do have a physical aspect, but you also have to calm your mind down and focus on aiming at the same time.”

The monthly event will be back on Tuesday November 19th at the Washington Center.

You can register online here, at $5 per person.

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