Free Parking In Canal Park Delayed Until October 20th

DULUTH, Minn. – This week was supposed to be the start for free parking in canal park, but unfortunately residents will now have to wait a little longer to enjoy the perk.

Between October 16th and May 14th parking is typically free in Canal Park.

City officials say they have decided to extend paid parking until after the Minnesota Educator Academy Conference, which is happening this weekend.

Officials say the decision was made after Canal Park business owners made the request.

“This is not an attempt to get gather more money from the area this is a response to the needs of the businesses,” said Parking Services Manager Mark Bauer.” “By encouraging turnover in the area, they feel we are helping them get more folks in and out the door and make sure the spaces are routinely available.”

Free parking in Canal Park begins on October 20th.

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