Proctor Volleyball’s Payton Rodberg Following Mom’s Footsteps in Rails’ Conference Title

Sophomore outside hitter Payton Rodberg led the Rails volleyball team to their first Lake Superior Conference title since 1995, when her mom Brook was on the team.

PROCTOR, Minn. – The Rails finished the regular season 23–2 with perfect 6–0 conference record, giving them the Lake Superior Conference title.

“It’s been really going well. We’ve gone so much further than last year. We got a lot more wins and we only have two losses this year so far which is really good. And I’ve just seen a lot of improvements from us since last year,” Proctor sophomore outside hitter Payton Rodberg said.

This is Proctor’s third conference title, and first since 1995. That team had a familiar name on their roster: Rodberg, which is Payton Rodberg’s mom.

“I didn’t even know. The athletic director Dan Stauber came up to me and said ‘were you part of the ’95 class that won the Lake Superior conference’ and “I’m like yes, I had to think about it. Went home, found the yearbook and was like I was. We took pictures. It will just be one of those memorable moments that we’ll post and never forget,” Brook Rodberg said.

Payton is following in Brook’s footsteps, playing both volleyball and softball for the Rails, and now, winning the conference championship in their sophomore years.

“I didn’t know that she was a sophomore. But I was just super happy, and she was happy for me too. And then when we found out that she was a sophomore too when she won the conference, it was pretty cool,” Payton said.

“I didn’t even think about It when they were getting to this age and just part of this year’s Proctor volleyball, didn’t even phase me,” Brook added.

Payton and Brook even played the same position, being the Rails outside hitter. But when asked who was better, there was one answer.

“Payton by far,” Brook said.

“Yeah…I’m pretty sure she underhand served,” Payton said.

“Oh yeah we did. She’s a jump server. I wouldn’t even know, I wouldn’t know how to do that,” Brook added.

While the game has changed, Brook said you can see part of her when Payton is out there on the court.

“She doesn’t show a lot of emotion. She’s very stoic, so she’s very straight–faced. She definitely cheers her teammates on, but she’s not very emotional. I was like that,” Brook said.

Brook’s 1995 team stopped at the conference championships. And now the Rodbergs hope that this 2019 team can make it even further.

“It was our first goal to get the conference win. Last year we lost in the second round and we hope to make it to the section final and state,” Payton said.

“I hope that we do see a state tournament with this program, I think that would be amazing. Next year, this year, her senior year, whichever or all of them would be great. That’d be exciting for her to see,” Brook added.

Payton and the Rails will open their section playoff run next Friday, Oct. 25th, in Proctor.

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