Park Point Homes Experience Worst Flooding Homeowners Have Seen

"I've dealt with hurricanes, never seen anything like this," said one resident.

DULUTH, Minn.- Monday’s storm brought waves that were a spectacle at times, and a hazard at others in Canal Park. But over on Park Point many were seeing water from the bay as a nuisance flooding their homes.

“It’s just been a disaster for everybody who lives along the lake,” said Keith McLoughlin, who has lived on Park Point for 15 years.

Many homeowners watched water from the bay creep up their backyards and into their homes.

“It went over our seawall that we just had raised 12 inches so hoping to prevent this from happening,” said Terry Carpenter.

Carpenter, who’s only lived on the Point for a little over a year, said she’s seeing water come up from shore, into her garage, driveway and beyond.

“It’s up over our doors and running into our house, we’ve been trying to deal with the flooding for 8 hours.”

It’s upending trash cans and washing through her garage, leaving a trail of destruction along the way.

“We have pumps working, we’re wet vacc-ing like crazy,” she said. “When you step on the carpet it’s like gushing water. We’re gonna have to do some replacement that’s for sure.”

McLoughlin, her next door neighbor, also put up barriers along shore, hoping they would help at a time like this.

“We put rip rap along the shoreline we also put a timber wall, you can’t really see it because right now it’s underwater.”

Riprap is man-placed rubble or rock along a shoreline.

This is the side of the storms, he said, you don’t see on the mainland.

“The wind blows all that water to this end of the lake and we’ll see a rise in our water, a foot, and that just causes real complications when we’ve already got high water level,” said McLoughlin.

But that doesn’t stop these residents from trying to keep that water out.

“There’s a lot of sump pumps going on down here,” John Brostrom said. He’s lived on Park Point for 32 years, and “I have not seen the water this high on the bay ever.”

He watches his neighbors struggle with flooding. “They’re doing everything they can to keep the water off their property. But it’s sort of a losing battle.”

One thing everyone can agree on here, is that this is something they’ve never seen before.

“Never in my entire life I grew up in Florida I dealt with hurricanes, never seen anything like this,” said Carpenter.

And it’s times like these, that makes Carpenter wish she lived anywhere else.

“If I had any idea what this was like, I never would’ve moved here.”

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