Park Pointers Concerned as Flooding Strikes Again

Basements and homes flooded after Monday's powerful Lake Superior storm

DULUTH, Minn. – Park Point residents are concerned as flooding in and around their homes and businesses becomes more common.

“It does seem to be happening like clockwork and that’s an alarming frequency,” said Rachel Mock, who lives on Park Point.

There, hoses run from basements, draining the latest round of flooding from homes.

“My sump pump runs continuously and my husband has figured it out to be six hundred gallons an hour,” said Nancy Olson, a Park Point resident of forty years.

Homeowners say not much more can be done to keep Lake Superior at bay.

“I know people along the bay-side have reinforced their shoreline and even with that, the water yesterday was well up over that,” said Olson.

It’s become a routine frustration on the point and in nearby Canal Park.

“It feels like we’re on borrowed time down here,” said Mock, who owns Global Village, a local gift store with international flavor, on South Lake Avenue.

Mock was forced to close the shop at about 4:00 p.m. Monday as water filled the street and parking lot outside.

“The water came right up to our door, kissed our threshold and then subsided,” described Mock.

Luckily, the Global Village showroom is elevated above street level, so water didn’t enter the store.

“I’ve seen it in a similar condition, but that was definitely the biggest waves lapping on the sidewalk that I’ve ever seen,” said Mock.

Mock is committed to keeping her store where it is despite the occasional flooding, but some of her neighbors don’t know whether staying on the peninsula is still worth the hassle.

“That is a strong option and I might have to face that reality very soon or just, we’ll see,” said Olson.

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