Spirit Lake Marina Feels the Impacts Of Monday’s Storm

DULUTH, Minn. – Canal Park isn’t the only area hit hard by yesterday’s storm.

Spirit Lake Marina endured some flooding from the St. Louis River.

This entire pier was flooded with water that rose from the St. Louis River. It’s a sight many say they have never seen before.

Staff at spirit lake marina say some flooding is pretty common, but this time around it was the worst.

Nearly a foot of water flooded the bait and tackle shop.

A few docks along the marina were even torn apart and began to float away.

One couple that owns a fishing charter business and lives on the marina seasonally says they are happy the water did not reach their home.

“The house is far enough up but we were probably 10 inches from taking water in there. I would be surprised if the water would get that high but it was pretty close,” said Peter Dahl.

The manager believes much of the flooding from the st. louis river is due to the rising lake levels.

He says about ten years ago the water on the marina was two feet lower than it is now.

“Given where we are and the general level of the lake and how water level fluctuates it was a thought of here we go again,” said Charles Stauduhar.

The manager also said after a previous storm flooded the marina before he and his team were ready to take action to ensure all boats and campers were secure.

Now that the water has receded Spirit Lake is still assessing any further damage to determine a cost for repairs.


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