Whole Foods Co-op Announces Paper Bag Fee

DULUTH, Minn. – Whole Foods Co–op is now leading the way in helping Duluth reduce disposable bag usage.

On Friday morning, the grocery store announced they will be charging an extra five cents per paper bag beginning January 1st.

The fee will be added onto shoppers’ total at the checkout line.

Managers say, it’s been successful at other whole foods stores in the Twin Cities getting shoppers to shift to more reusable bags.

“This fee–based strategy has proven in other communities to shift shoppers to more reusable bag use, and it feels like a simple step and doable step for our Co-op and our community,” Whole Foods General Manager, Sarah Hannigan says.

Currently, the Duluth City Council is discussing an ordinance for a proposed fee on the use of plastic and paper bags.

This proposed fee would apply to most retail establishments.



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