People Rock the Finished 100th Block of Superior Street

Businesses celebrate, as City said construction should come to an end soon, weather permitting.

DULUTH, Minn.- For the first time since Superior Street reconstruction began, a block party was held on a finished portion of the road.

People packed the 100 Block of East Superior Street to “Rock the Block.”

The event celebrated the completion of that part of the street.

Area businesses said the construction was both a welcome change and a relief to have it wrap up.

“It’s definitely had a negative effect on business but a lot less than expected, and that’s only been because we have a bunch of wonderful customers that would do anything to get to us,” said Duluth Coffee Company owner Eric Faust.

“Now that the street is finally looking more beautiful than it ever has before we know that it’ll be even more of a reason for people to come down.”

According to city leaders, they won’t open up just a portion of the road, they’ll wait until all four blocks are done first.

They project construction will hopefully end by the end of this month, depending on the weather.

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