Knowing Your Neighbors: Thai by Thai

DULUTH, Minn. – There’s a family restaurant serving up authentic Thai food in Downtown Duluth.

Thai by Thai is owned by two sisters in Thailand. They tout their menu as having something for everybody.

The kitchen in Thai by Thai is filled with the smells of delicious foods and spices.

“This is definitely some of the most homestyle, authentic Thai food you can find,” says buffet manager Stuart Gordon.

The family who owns it has been providing Duluth with Thai food since 1999.

“We cook a lot of authentic Thai cuisine, but also there’s some standards you see in a lot more American Thai food like sesame chicken,” explains Gordon.

The current location on West First Street opened in 2005 as Sala Thai and reopened last year with a new name when new family members took over the business.

“They just really put a lot of passion and authenticity to it,” says Gordon.

The cooks aren’t afraid to use a lot of spice and tell us they’re surprised Northlanders like spice as much as they do.

“You can go and try something really different and cool,” says Gordon. “We have the butter fish. It comes out with the whole fish. But then you can bring your grandpa and he won’t freak out.”

Staff tell us customers like the laid back atmosphere and they notice them come back time and time again for the lunch buffet.

“I think Thai food is really a mix of a lot of Asian cuisine,” explains Gordon. “Thailand is right at the center of Southeast Asia so you’re getting Indian influences and Chinese influences.”

The sisters in the kitchen have a lot of passion for cooking. They’re eager to show off their skills and give customers an experience they won’t forget no matter what their taste buds are craving.

Thai by Thai is open every day but Sunday. The lunch buffet is available from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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