Northern Star: Morgan and Nolan Friday

For this week's Northern Star, we talk with a brother/sister duo who share more than just a last name.

DULUTH, Minn. – When the st. Scholastica soccer teams take the field, any day could be a Friday.

“Soccer was always big for me. Growing up, me and Morgan back when we were in elementary school, we had a little soccer field just outside our house with little hockey nets, not even soccer nets,” CSS men’s soccer midfielder Nolan Friday said.

“I’m 15 months older than him so whenever I got the time to play on his team, like four summers ago I got to play on the same team as him because they were in a higher age group and that was the highlight of my summer soccer career, just because i got to play with him again,” said Saints women’s soccer midfielder Morgan Friday.

Nolan Friday is one of the top young players on the CSS men’s soccer team.

“He’s got all the tools. He’s got every attribute you’d want as a college guy. He’s athletic. He’s technically quite good. He’s aggressive and good in the air. He reads the game pretty well and he can score,” men’s soccer coach Barry Chastey said.

“I wish I could get up for corners like he does. I’m fast for on the girls level. But his speed…there’s nothing like it,” Morgan said.

His older sister Morgan is coming off a freshman year where she was named UMAC Rookie of the Year and Offensive Player of the Year.

“The opportunity to get Morgan on our team was fantastic. We knew she would do well. And last year, after dealing with some injuries and taking a year off, it took her a little while to get going. But the way she finished last year and the way she’s been playing this year has been fantastic and has been a big part to our success,” said women’s head coach Dave Reyelts.

“I think she’s the great player she is because she is relentless. She just doesn’t stop. She’ll keep going at teams, right down their throat, and she’ll shoot from anywhere and she’ll let you know when she’s going to put it in the back of the net,” Nolan said.

Both of their parents played at CSS and they have several other relatives that play soccer, including their cousins Maren and Brendan at Duluth Marshall, and their older brother Connor is a former Hilltopper. Morgan and Nolan’s younger sister Bailey is currently a senior at Shattuck–St. Mary’s, the same prep school Morgan went to, and she recently committed to playing for the Saints next season.

“Dave [Reyelts] is hoping there’s going to be a long line of Fridays coming through. I’m done now. Nolan is the last one. I’m sure Dave is hoping there’s a trail for another decade here,” said Chastey.

“I’ve known the family for a long time. I was in their wedding way back in the day. You start to have kids and things go different ways. But it’s been kind of fun to reconnect with them,” Reyelts said.

And with the UMAC playoffs right around the corner, the Duluth natives are hoping to bring two trophies back home when it’s all said and done.

“I think it would mean a ton to them for both our programs to win championships this year. I definitely know they would be pulling for each other and proud of each other when it happened,” said Reyelts.

“They’ve got a really good relationship between them for sure. But I think they do push each other. You can hear them both during each other’s games yelling at each other to do this or that,” Chastey said.

“All we want to do is keep the Friday name going. We know my dad laid the ground for us and gave us all the abilities to do it. But all we want to do is be able to achieve that, not only for us, but to show people you can do it,” said Morgan.

“When I first came in, I said my goals were to play at CSS, become a starter and start going for my dad’s records. I think it’s really cool that I have the opportunity to do that and play at the same school he did and represent the same team,” Nolan said.

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