How to Trick or Treat Safely from Duluth Police

Officers advise to travel in groups, carry flashlights.

DULUTH, Minn.- With Halloween just days away, the Duluth Police Department has some tips and tricks for being safe, while being scary.

Officers are reminding families to have younger kids travel in a group with a parent or responsible adult, and have older kids let their parents know where they’ll be.

While drivers should be extra watchful for kids, Lt. Robin Roeser said those kids should try and be more visible as well.

“Make sure that you’re wearing, you’re wearing a reflective vest or have something flashing on your costume,” Lt. Roeser said.  “Or for the adults or parents that are with the group, make sure you have a couple flashlights in your group, that you’re well–lit so the kids in your group can see you and the drivers can see you.”

But the most common call Duluth Police get on Halloween, Roeser said, is about kids smashing people’s pumpkins all over the street.

So, Roeser suggested blowing candles out and bringing them inside once Trick or Treaters are done.

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