Two Minnesota Companies Help Give Employment to Homeless Youth in Duluth

To date Hippy Feet has provided more than 1,000 of employment to homeless youth.

DULUTH, Minn. – Life house is a place of refuge for homeless youth in Duluth.

Its also a place to help them get back on their feet.

One way the organization gives back is by helping the youth to gain work experience.

Two Minnesota companies partnered with Life House to offer that experience.

This is the second time Hippy Feet has been to Life House offering pop up employment.

This time they partnered with Frost River Duluth to get more of the community involved.

Frost River and Hippy Feet created custom socks specifically for this employment opportunity.

Nearly a dozen life house teens helped package about four hundred socks to get them ready to be sold.

The students also earned an hourly wage for their hard work.

The co–founder says this pop up employment opportunity is a way to show the teens they can earn an honest living to succeed.

“This provides a really valuable service to the young people. It allows them to earn an income that isn’t unhealthy, illegal and that doesn’t set them back on the road to self–sufficiency,” said Sam Harper.

Frost River staff say this event will build more of a connection to the work that being done by the life teens.

“It creates so much more of a story behind just a pair of socks. I think it is really cool seeing them signing their names and initialing the packaging. It’s going to be a large story we can share with our customers,” said Frost River Sales and Marketing Coordinator Stephanie Anderson.

The socks will be sold in the Frost River location in Lincoln Park and on their website.

The cost of the socks is $20.

But that cost does not compare to the help these two companies are providing the young people in the community.

To date Hippy Feet has provided more than 1,000 of employment to homeless youth.


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