Another Warming Center Plans to Open Doors in Lincoln Park

The Lincoln Park Resource Center plans to open as a warming shelter this Winter.

DULUTH, Minn.- Another shelter in Duluth is working as fast as it can to open its doors to those in need before winter weather sets in.

The Lincoln Park Resource Center, located in the Ministry of Seafearers’ Building (2024 W 3rd St), wants to be an overnight warming center for families.

But logistics need to be worked out before moving forward.

The Resource Center could sleep more than 20 people if the demand were there, but having no extra money and no volunteers makes it difficult to invite families in.

The shelter priority would be keeping people safe if temperatures dropped below zero.

Each person staying at the center would have access to hygiene products, food and shower.

The Ministry of Seafearers’ Building already has amenities designed to help international travelers and are easily staffed during the day.

Resource Center director Charles Obije is working with the Ministry of Seafearers to decide what hours the shelter could be open at night and how they would pay volunteers.

“We think one of the essential needs for every individual is a warm space, a shower and hygiene material and some access to resources whether that be county resources or community resources. I think that’s the starting point for a healthy Duluth, a healthy community, most especially, a healthy Lincoln park,” Obije said.

Obije thinks more agencies need to step forward and offer funding and specialized training to organizations that are willing to help Duluth’s homeless population.

Regardless of how much money they end up raising, the resource center will still open its doors this Winter to those seeking warmth. And even though the temperature is dropping pretty quickly, there is no set date as to when that will actually be.

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