St. Luke’s Dietitian Suggests Handing Out Other Types of Treats this Halloween

St. Luke's Clinical Dietitian Mary Cherne Offers Advice When it Comes to Being Inclusive to All Trick-or-Treaters

DULUTH, Minn. – Halloween falls on Thursday this week and many folks have probably already stocked up the candy drawer, but it’s important to remember moderation is the best bet as we head into the height of the holiday season.

St. Luke’s Clinical Dietitian Mary Cherne stopped by FOX 21 Local News to offer a few tips before trick-or-treating this week.

Cherne advises parents to let children have small amounts of candy on a regular basis, therefore the child won’t be dealing with a sugar rush the night of Halloween.

She says it’s important to let your child consume a few pieces of candy after touring around the block, but not too much. Moderation is key and will allow your child to better process the sugar.

Cherne reminds parents to always sort through candy and make sure there are no foreign objects inside.

Check for choking hazards before your child begins to eat candy.

Cherne also reminds children and adults to keep the candy out of sight. This will help ward off any unwanted urges to continue eating more than your waste line would like.

You’re also encouraged to have treats for children who can’t have candy due to food allergies. Cherne suggest handing out stickers, bubbles, or other small toys.

Most importantly, Cherne wants all Northlanders to have a happy and safe Halloween!

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