UWS Moving Forward Two Years After Program Suspensions

A path may soon be in place for suspended programs to possibly be reinstated

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The University of Wisconsin-Superior is reworking some academic programs to move forward after major cuts were made two years ago.

Now, some of the suspended programs may get a chance to be reinstated.

In 2017, UW-Superior administration announced the suspensions of twenty-five academic programs saying they wanted to trim down offerings and give students a clearer path to success.

Two years later, academic departments are looking to the future.

“UWS needs to move forward. It’s been sort of stuck in the mud the last couple of years,” said Brent Notbohm, a professor of film and video and the chair of the UWS Communicating Arts Department.

In that department, theatre, journalism, and other media focuses were casualties of the 2017 suspensions.

Now, starting this semester, the department is combining theatre and digital filmmaking into a single concentration to help save the future of both programs.

“In the past, theatre was its own thing, digital filmmaking was its own thing, and by combining them it really gives us that opportunity to synthesize our talents, our students, and our creative works, which is really exciting,” explained Notbohm.

Courses like writing for the screen and stage and production management have been added to combine both subjects.

“A lot of people in the theatre world work in the film world and vice versa and so we’ve really developed our curriculum or revised our curriculum to provide students with opportunities to learn and work in both mediums,” said Notbohm.

Theatre and digital filmmaking student, Anna Krengel tells us she’s excited to learn both subjects in her time at UWS.

“Theatre is a big part of film,” said Krengel. “You have to learn how to direct actors, you have to learn to look through the camera but also through the eye of an audience.”

Now, according to Notbohm, a process was passed by the faculty senate in which departments may have the chance to reinstate some suspended programs.

“It doesn’t mean they’re coming back but it means there is at least a door that has been opened,” explained Notbohm.

A UWS spokesperson tells us that process is in the beginning stages, but they confirmed that administration is working with the faculty senate to come up with criteria for suspended programs to possibly come back.

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