Bentleyville Vandalized Again

Bentleyville Tour of Lights founder asking for extra eyes to help patrol the Northland's biggest festival of lights

DULUTH, Minn.- Duluth Police are investigating vandalism at Bentleyville Tour of Lights in Bayfront Park. One of the trailers was spray painted over the weekend with graffiti.

And after theft and vandalism last year, too, Bentleyville’s founder is asking for extra eyes to help patrol the Northland’s biggest festival of lights.

Unfortunately the Grinch has struck again at Bentleyville, as volunteer crews work hard to get the lights on for another season in less than three weeks.

“It’s just more of beginning of the season and some of the challenges of having an event and it’s just part of the routine”, said Nathan Bentley, Executive Director at Bentleyville Tour of Lights.

One of Bentleyville’s trailers used to store decorations was tagged over the weekend with white spray paint but has since been painted over, but Bentleyville has seen its fair share of vandalism and theft over the years.

$20,000 worth of heavy-duty power cords stolen in 2011, and just last season more than $2,000 worth of damage done to displays along with stolen supplies, and two thefts of the donation well.

While police patrol when they can and surveillance cameras are on the property, founder Nathan Bentley is looking for volunteers to watch over Bayfront in the evening and overnight hours as extra eyes on crime.

“It’s great if the community does come together and we can actually set up a schedule down there of people that are truly trying to go down there and get on a system of regular evening and off–hour patrolling of Bayfront Park. It’s good for everybody if that does occur”, said Bentley.

If you’re interested in helping out, click here. Regardless of how many Grinches try to ruin the fun, Bentleyville Tour of Lights goes live November 23rd.

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