Humane Society of Burnett County Opens New Shelter

Take a look inside the new facility that houses dozens of cats and dogs

WEBSTER, Wis. – The Humane Society of Burnett County in Webster recently opened a brand new shelter building.

Staff tell us the new facility allows them to provide better care to even more animals. It has double the space for furry friends like puppy Joan of Arc.

“We have more animals, we have more people, we have more adoptions, it’s great,” said administrative assistant Kimberly Harring.

The shelter is now home to fifty-five cats and sixteen adult dogs, plus two litters of puppies.

“I love that they can come up in my office with me when I’m working,” said Harring. “I can gave dogs in my lap, dogs under my feet.”

The new building on Highway 35 south of Webster cost about $750,000 to renovate, much of which was paid for by a single donation from Hugh Schilling. The shelter was named after Schilling’s late wife, Peggy Schilling.

“The new space is awesome,” said Harring. “Our old building, literally you had to step over places on the floor. Here, it’s great. Everything’s in one room, everything’s close, everything’s clean. It’s very nice.”

The no-kill shelter has living quarters for dozens of animals, an outdoor play area, and a veterinary exam room.

“We’re also able to have more education, more outreach, because we have the space to actually bring people in,” said Peggy Tolbert.

On Saturdays, families can stop by and meet furry friends before making the decision to adopt.

“People just coming in and spending time with them is great. Calm them down, get them used to their new environment, get them ready for a new home,” said Harring.

For people who can’t take an animal home, the shelter has a program to sponsor a cat and pay for their adoption fee, which opens the door for other families to make that animal part of their lives.

“They’ll send us pictures and stories and it’s just really cool to see that dog that was just scared and a little standoffish blossom in their new home. That’s the part that I think is very rewarding,” said Tolbert.

The Humane Society of Burnett County is always in need of more volunteers and donations of cash and supplies.

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