City Working to Tackle Flooding Problems on Park Point

The City of Duluth is jumping in to relieve some of the problems by improving sanitary and sewer issues

DULUTH, Minn.- When it rains it pour for residents on Park Point who are increasingly dealing with flooding outside and inside their homes. Now the city is jumping in to relieve some of the problems by improving sanitary and sewer issues in the area.

High lake levels and storms often threaten water damage to Park Point homes, but now property owners will be getting some relief. The sewer lines that will be upgraded are on South Lake Avenue between 7th and 12th Street and on South Minnesota Avenue between 12th and 29th Street South.Add Author

The city says the pipe installation that will help fix the streets’ drainage problems won’t be a major construction headache.

“The main reason is because we can install this without having to rip up the roadway. If you can imagine an open trench, the impact of traffic, the cost, so it’s less expensive and less of a disruption”, Tom Pfeffer, City of Duluth Senior Engineer.

While the project is on-going, property owners may need to reduce or avoid wastewater generating activities like flushing toilets and washing dishes. It’s an inconvenience some residents are fine dealing with while a bigger issue is fixed.

“Well it will certainly help with the water infiltration during the Northeasters. It’s bad enough with the high water, as high as the lake water is right now, but when there is a Northeaster it’s even worse”, said Bob Feiro, a Park Point resident.

The city will begin work in Park Point on November 18th, and plans to wrap up in January of 2020.

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