Neuroscience Lab Helps Middle Schoolers Have Fun with Brains

Lab visits Cloquet Middle School, with sheep brains.

CLOQUET, Minn.- Kids at Cloquet Middle School got an in-depth look at the inner workings of the brain.

The UMD Mobile Neuroscience Lab made a stop at the school with some sheep brains.

13 UMD psychology undergrad and graduate students used the brains to help the middle schoolers learn about the functions and parts of the human brain.

“They’re, I think fascinated with any way that they can apply it to their life,” said Ryan St. Clair, first year Graduate student. “Y’know, so kids are always here, learning, trying to pay attention, doing their best.

“And when we tell them that ‘hey there’s a certain part of your brain that might keep you from paying attention as well as you can’ that’s when they start to pick up and try to learn more.”

About 250 students participated in the lab throughout the day.

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