More Snow Means More Business Up North Shore

Different North Shore Businesses prepare for winter tourists after last week's snowfall.

NORTH SHORE, Minn.- It seems Jack Frost made an early stop up the North Shore, and businesses couldn’t be happier.

“We all live here for a reason. So we’re big fans of the snow and the cold,” said Jordyn Timberlake.

The Bartender and Housekeep at Knotted Pine Inn and Tavern in Isabella is looking at increased business for both the inn, and the bar.

“Combination,” she said. “Some people stay in the inn, we’ve got pizza for sale, pasties and garlic bread–absolutely delicious.”

“So some people stay at other places in the area then come by for drinks and food.”

She said if more snow is on the way, then more tourists will be on the way as well.

“Once the snow gets really falling we get busy with the snowmobilers as well.”

But you can’t snowmobile without the right gear.

“You’ve got the clothes, you’re prepared. Doesn’t matter how cold it is,” said Cindy Wartman, owner of Beaver Bay Sports.

The recreational sport equipment store has already experienced a 20% jump in business thanks to the snow.

“It’s quite awesome actually, we’re big deer hunters and the snow helps track,” Wartman said. “And it also gets our customers who have snowmobiles ready for the season, extra early.”

If you’re gearing up to snowmobile, you’re going to want to think warm all the way through.

“Well first of all you wanna look at your long underwear, you wanna look at your layers,” she said.

“You wanna look at your gloves, your jackets, make sure you’ve got a baklava to go underneath your helmet or just stay warm when you’re out snowmobiling.”

Meanwhile, the owner of Our Place bar and grill in Finland said the less snow downstate, the better.

“Depending on what the rest of the state gets in snow, y’know, if there’s no snow down south they all come up here to go snowmobiling and skiing and what not,” said Bob Buus.

But don’t think it’s all smiles with snowflakes. It can actually be a nuisance for these businesses, too.

“Well we don’t like shoveling it we don’t like moving it but for most of the community it’s very good for our business,” Buus said.

These businesses attract winter lovers, and if you aren’t one-

“They should go somewhere else,” said Timberlake, “probably not the destination for them.”

“And the ones that don’t wanna have the snow, they need to move,” Wartman said.

“More snow the better,” said Buus.

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