Glensheen Gives a Sneak Peek At Christmas Setup

Christmas tours will last until after the new year.

DULUTH, Minn- Glensheen Mansion has been closed for last two weeks to get ready for Christmas.

And Fox 21 was invited in for a sneak peek of what folks can expect from the holiday setup.

25 Christmas trees are up all around the mansion.

Stuffed elves are also being strategically hidden throughout the mansion for the youngsters find.

Glensheen’s director says they take pride in offering an experience that makes people want to come back every year.

“Honestly it’s a reminder of our purpose. I think a lot of times you can work your job day to day, but when you come at Christmas and see especially the kids just super thrilled to be seeing things, pointing out the elves, and dragging grandma and grandpa. You can see that family energy,” said Daniel Hartman.

Glensheen will be open for tours starting this Friday at 9 am.

Christmas tours will last until after the new year.

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