Auto Shops Slammed with Last-Minute Winter Tire Changes

Perfect Timing Auto Repair in West Duluth has picked up business Winterizing vehicles.

DULUTH, Minn.- Lakes aren’t the only thing freezing over this week.

Tire and auto shops in the Twin Ports have been busy with people Winterinzing their vehicles to stay safe on the icy roads.

Some shops have up to a three week wait for people trying to get snow tires, but Perfect Timing Auto Repair in West Duluth says there’s a wait list is only about a week long and they’re trying to keep it from growing.

“One thing we do is try to fit in, when the customer comes in for tires, because it is a bad time of the year for people, so it’s kind of a necessity that they get those tires switched in. If we can help them out and squeeze them in, we try to squeeze in whoever we can just so they can be safe out here on the road,” shop owner Donnell Kelly said.

Perfect Timing also says it’s important to fill your vehicle’s fluids going into the Winter months.

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