Tips For Protecting Pets During The Winter

Some of the common winter injuries are torn paw pads and broken bones.

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Cold temperatures continue to spread across the Northland.

Local veterinarians are reminding pet owners about ways to keep their pets safe during the winter.

Winter can pose many risks for pets.

Just like humans pets are prone to winter injuries, but taking the necessary steps can help prevent any harm.

One of the biggest concerns veterinarians have during the winter for pets is chemical poisoning.

Certain salts or deā€“icers can be very harmful for animals.

Pet owners should pay attention to the type of salt purchased before placing it on their sidewalks.

“It should be pet safe materials, so if they are stepping on it they are not getting burned or irritated feet, they’re not licking it off their feet and getting sick from ingesting that,” said Dr. Justin Dahl, Happy Tails Veterinarian.

It is recommended to keep pets out of windy weather.

Even though animals have a fur coat that does not mean they can’t get frostbite or hypothermia.

It’s also not a bad idea to purchase a coat or booties for dogs, especially short haired dogs.

Pet owners should also be cautious around slippery areas like decks.

Older dogs are even more likely to hurt themselves in slick conditions.

Some of the common winter injuries are torn paw pads and broken bones.



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