New Baby Primate Joins Lake Superior Zoo Family

An Angolan Colobus Monkey was born.

DULUTH, Minn.- The Lake Superior Zoo welcomed a new member to their furry family this week.

Weighing in at just under a pound, a baby Angolan Colobus monkey was born to 17-year-old Kero and 7-year-old Ndizi.

This is the first Angolan Colobus born at the zoo in over six years, Kero’s second baby and Ndizi’s first.

“The role that the male plays in the raising of the infant is absolutely zero. He likes to medal. He certainly is interested in the baby, but mom is the sole provider, provides all the care and actually gets a little annoyed if Ndizi gets in the way,” director of animal management Dave Thompson said.

There are less than five thousand Angolan Colubus Monkies on the planet and 95 living in wildlife conservations like the Lake Superior Zoo.

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