Out-of-State Trainer Visits Spring Hill Farm for Horseback Riding Clinic

Paul Belasik helps riders with Dressage riding skills.

DULUTH, Minn.- Some Northland horseback riders spent time working with a trainer from out of state this weekend.

Paul Belasik flew in from Pennsylvania to Spring Hill Farm on Jean Duluth Road for the weekend.

He helped riders with their Dressage riding, where the horse and rider are expected to perform a series of pre-planned movements from memory.

“It’s often helpful to get kind of a fresh pair of eyes on the riders and the horses,” Manager and Trainer Leah Nelson said. “Pretty immersive experience over the weekend where the horses get pretty intense workouts and the riders get some new feedback.”

If you’d like to get involved with dressage riding in the Northland, you can get in touch with the Northwoods Dressage Association.

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