Northland Prepares for First Widespread Snowfall

Preparation began earlier than usual for the Minnesota Department of Transportation

DULUTH, Minn.- As the Northland prepares for its first widespread significant snowfall of the season, the preparation began earlier than usual fro the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

MnDOT isn’t the only one preparing. Local businesses selling snow removal equipment have seen an up-tick in business.

The day for MnDOT was spent preparing their trucks for what could be a long night ahead of them, as last minute check were made to ensure the roads remain clear around the Northland Wednesday night.

“It’s very important for us to get out there at the onset of a storm because if we don’t there is a tendency for snow and moisture to collect on the pavement and as vehicles drive over that it becomes compacted, and compacted snow and ice is very difficult to remove”, said Beth Petrowske, Public Affairs Coordinator, MnDOT.

For one Duluth business, people have started to come in more, but with the first loarge snowfall looming, they are stressing to check on what you already have before going outside.

“People think they have it left over from last year or that they are prepared. They go out there and take their first shovel and it breaks or salt or sand left and they go to the bucket and its empty, so then they rush in and get what they need”, said AJ Marshall, Salesclerk at Marshall Hardware.

When you are on the road, you can help out MnDOT and other snowplows by giving them space on the streets and highways.

“We always count on motorists to help us out because we are all in this together. We need to get the snow removed and we really appreciate it if motorists understand the need to stay clear of our snowplows”, said Petrowske.

Several counties in our region will get snow, and some could even get up to a foot of fresh powder to deal with Thursday.

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