Knowing Your Neighbors: Downtown Duluth Photo Gallery Celebrates Two Year Anniversary

Tischer Photographic Gallery sells nature images.

DULUTH, Minn.- The photographer at Tischer Photographic Gallery on West Superior Street captures breathtaking scenes of Lake Superior, Gooseberry Falls, or other Northland scenes and turns them into pieces you can hang in your home.

“If you come into our gallery and purchase a piece of artwork y’know we make it with our hands right here,” owner and photographer Ryan Tischer said.

This gallery showcases one photographer’s capturing of moments in nature.

“For sure Lake Superior and if we have to narrow that down I would say the Duluth Harbor areas are especially magical in the winter with the steam coming off the lake,” Tischer said. “I find myself photographing quite a bit along Stony Point.”

All of Tischer’s images have one thing in common: their use of light. “I try to capture images that have something magical happening in them with light.”

“To me it’s really about the light it’s about that, the mood and the emotion that you see,” he said.

He doesn’t just shoot his own pictures, he puts the whole piece together.

“We do all of our printing and framing right here on–site. It gives you complete creative control over the entire process and so I’m not waiting to get my artwork, my images back from a printing lab and then find out I don’t like how they look,” said Tischer.

Tischer also prints and frames other people’s photos. The price depends on the size and type of print.

The Northland nature photographer is celebrating the second anniversary of his downtown gallery, and he hopes for many more.

“A 3rd year anniversary, and then a 4th and a 5th,” he said. “Yeah we just hope people keep coming in and more and more people discover the artwork that we have here.”

For people who live here, and those who want a vivid memory of the beautiful scenery you only get in the Northland.

“When people have come and visit Duluth if, y’know, they’re not able to be here different times of the year or they can’t see everything in one trip, lot of times they’ll step into the gallery and just look at my images,” Tischer said, “and it gives them a really good feel for our region and how beautiful it is.”

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