Senator Tina Smith Visits Two Harbors To Talk Jobs And Economic Development

TWO HARBORS, Minn. – Creating new jobs and boosting economic development is often a challenge for small communities.

Senator Tina smith was among those discussing solutions in Two Harbors.

She sat down with school administrators, local officials, and business owners to hear their concerns. She says her goal is to listen to whats working and help build a better partnership with the government to help address those concerns.

In this table discussion a variety of issues impacting smaller communities like Two Harbors came up.

One issue in particular was the lack of employee recruits living in town to fill open jobs.

A challenge that may be contributing to theĀ  loss of recruitment is the ongoing struggle to obtain reasonable housing.

“If you don’t have a safe affordable place to live then nothing else in your life works. These businesses are saying they need better housing,” said Senator Smith.

“At the federal government level we need to figure out what we can do to establish better home ownership in communities like Two Harbors,” Senator Smith continues.

County officials say while recruitment may be slim, current workers take pride in two harbors.

They hope senator smith walks away with this message.

“We have a lot of skilled workers and were hard workers up here in Minnesota. We are known for that and just want to get the message that we are here and ready to work,” said Lake County Chamber President Janelle Jones.

Senator Smith currently introduced three bills hoping to grow job interest and opportunities in places like Two Harbors.

One is a bill to expand the rural healthcare workforce by making it easier to get training.

Another bill would help build partnerships with high schools, technical schools, and businesses to promote job interest.

The third bill would help address the need for general workforce training.

Senator Smith is hoping to push all of the bills forward with in the next year.

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