Ahead of Winter Storms Park Point Gears Up for More Flooding

High wind gusts could push Lake Superior's already high lake levels on to shore.

DULUTH, Minn.- While snow is a big concern for most with the oncoming storms, lakeshore flooding is a whole other story, especially for homeowners on Park Point.

Last month’s wicked October storm slammed Canal Park and Park Point homes with Lake Superior’s waves.

“I heard stories all up and down on Park Point about that kind of thing,” said Bob Nichols, who has been living on the Point for eight years.

And now it could happen again, with wind gusts expected to get as high as 40 miles per hour.

The waves were already cresting over the wall of the walkway in front of the Aerial Lift Bridge Tuesday night.

The City of Duluth is reminding drivers to stay clear of standing water, and away from the shoreline.

“We’re having really great conversations with the Park Point Country Club and with the county and the state and then also with some of our federal partners about more longterm impacts,” Public Information Officer Kate Van Daele said.

Nichols has lived on Park Point for eight years. He’s stayed flood-free from storms because his house was built two feet above the shoreline.

But his neighbors haven’t been so lucky.

“Neighbors over here, they had water go into their house,” he said, “the water went right up into their, right underneath their house, he had like 12 inches of water under his house.”

On top of potential flooding, the City is preparing to remove heavy snowfall for drivers as quickly as possible for the holiday travel time.

“Just to make sure we have crews out when we need them to be out and so that people are able to get to emergency centers, get to airports, get to [the] hospital if they need to,” said Van Daele.

“And then obviously get to work and spend the holiday with people that they care about.”

Meanwhile, Nichols makes sure to start his snowblower before leaving for the holiday to San Francisco.

“Making sure the snow blower runs so when we get back from our trip we’ll be able to clear the driveway out.”

Some dread the oncoming storm, but Nichols is a true Northlander.

“Looking forward to doing some skiing,” he said. “Yeah all the cross country ski trails should open up after the storm so, that’s something to look forward to anyway.”

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