Incoming Winter Storm Expected to Impact Holiday Travel

Travelers hit the roads and hop on planes, but major snowfall could impact those plans

DULUTH, Minn. – As Thanksgiving approaches, thousands of travelers are hitting the road or hopping on a plane to their holiday destinations, but incoming winter storms could have a big impact on those plans.

MnDOT has a hundred snow plow routes in Northeastern Minnesota. They expect drivers to be out in twelve-hour shifts on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

“All of our operators know when they sign on with us that working holidays and weekends, middle of the night, that’s all expected as part of the job,” said Beth Petrowske, MnDOT public affairs coordinator.

MnDOT expects to have roadways cleared by Wednesday afternoon or evening, depending on when the snowfall ends.

“What motorists can do to help is to do their part by staying at least ten car lengths behind our trucks and if at all possible it’s best if they don’t pass our trucks,” said Petrowske.

Meanwhile, the Duluth International Airport is preparing for hundreds of travelers to pass through as a large amount of snow blankets the Northland.

“We live in Duluth, Minnesota, so we’re prepared always and this is normal operation for us,” said Natalie Peterson, director of communications and marketing for the Duluth Airport Authority.

Major snow removal efforts are planned for the runway and parking lots. The fifteen to twenty ground crew members are used to mother nature striking around the holidays.

“I swear it never fails. Our biggest thing is we want people to be able to get to their families and get to where they’re going so we’re going to do everything that we can on our side,” said Peterson.

Airlines are already offering waivers for folks to change their flights to earlier or later time to accommodate the weather. Staff remind travelers to always check their flight status before heading to the airport.

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