‘Continental’ Employees Bike and Ski to Work on Snowy Day

DULUTH, Minn. – With roads slippery and snow covered, employees at a local business decided to make their commutes without using cars.

Instead, fat tire bikes and cross country skis took workers to Continental Ski and Bike Wednesday morning.

The assistant manager tells us fat tire biking is the best way to commute in Duluth.

“It’s just us using things we’re passionate about, whether it’s skis or bikes or snowshoes it’s just stuff that we all like to do and it happens to be a good way to get to work and unfortunately it kind of eliminates your excuses to get to work too though because it’s like ‘No, I can still get to work today,'” laughed assistant manager Josh Kowaleski.

The employees say everybody got to work on time at their ‘Human Power Transportation Day.’

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