Duluthians Dig Out After Winter Storm

Duluth students enjoy first snow day of the winter

DULUTH, Minn. –┬áThe first major winter storm of the season dropped a big layer of snow on the Northland leaving a lot of people digging out in the aftermath.

“Looked out my window and I turned my alarm off because the amount of snow that I saw on the deck was like ‘Oh, there’s no school today,'” said Ordean East Middle School student Emma Schaub, who was enjoying her first snow day of the year.

“I had a test today in Global Studies so I got out of that,” said Schaub.

But her Wednesday wasn’t all relaxation. Her mom needed her to finish a big chore outside.

“She called me and she was like, ‘Emma you’ve got to shovel, the sidewalk’s full,’ so I was like okay, and I got up and I started to shovel,” said Schaub.

Emma wasn’t the only one clearing snow in Duluth’s Lakeside neighborhood.

“This is pretty heavy snow,” said Jillian Schommer while shoveling. “I’ve been having trouble finding where the sidewalk is. I’m doing my best to guess at the moment.”

Schommer got her shoveling done before heading to work.

“I haven’t been out on the roads yet and I’m kind of worried that things can get pretty slippery especially downtown and I know people don’t always have the best tires on their cars so I’m just going to leave really early and try to take it easy,” explained Schommer.

Meanwhile, some families enjoyed the chance to play in the snow for the first time this winter. Michael and Liza pulled their son Cliff through their neighborhood on a sled.

“It’s kind of nice because lately we’ve had brown Novembers and it just gets a little depressing with dead trees, dead plant life and no snow so this is more cheery than that,” said Michael.

There are a lot of opportunities for fun in this winter wonderland once work is done.

“Probably just go inside and drink hot chocolate because I was shoveling and was like that sounds really good right now,” said Schaub.

It sounds like the shovelers will have more work to do soon. Another winter storm is expected this weekend.

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