Tow Truck Drivers Extremely Busy During Snowstorm

Tow truck drivers were seen all over the Northland Wednesday following the significant snowfall

DULUTH, Minn.- Road conditions were treacherous Wednesday which meant that not only snow plows were busy, but tow trucks were too.

It’s a headache, but also the best time of the year for business for tow truck drivers across the Northland with significant amount of snowfall.

Snow plow drivers have been extremely busy as the first widespread snowfall in Duluth finally made it’s way over night. From 7:30 until 11:30 this morning, statewide there were almost 130 crashes, 155 vehicle spin out/offs, and even 7 jackknifed semis.

“Today was pretty crazy. Still crazy. We got a lot of calls out there. We’ve got four trucks running around doing anything from just your basic tow to a lot of winch outs out of snow banks and driveways. Slippery slopes in downtown Duluth seems to be our main areas”, said Shane Madrinich, Owner of Get Hooked Towing.

The City of Duluth has continued its no unnecessary travel until Thursday morning so plows can remove snow to make the roads safe for travel.

Get Hooked Towing is already beginning their plans for this weekend as yet another significant winter storm heads our way.

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