Veterinarians Stress Safety for Pets Over Thanksgiving Holiday

Dr. Justin Dahl with Happy Tails Animal Hospital in Superior Recommends Paying Extra Attention to Pets this Holiday Season

SUPERIOR, Wis. – With a Thanksgiving feast on everyone’s mind, local veterinarians say you should consider the safety of your pets during the holiday season.

Thanksgiving could potentially be dangerous for some animals, with the possibility of getting table scraps, or getting into the garbage filled with leftovers and grease.

Experts say to avoid letting your pets eat grapes, raisins, garlic, onions and chocolate.

Other foods such as the turkey and mashed potatoes may not necessarily be bad, but it could make your pets sick depending on what ingredients are put on them.

“We get a lot of calls. The day after thanksgiving, several days after Thanksgiving where they’ve gotten into that food. They end up not wanting to eat. Vomitting, Dihareha. It can last for several days,” said Dr. Justin Dahl, owner of Happy Tails Animal Hospital in Superior.

Experts also advise to provide a safe space during the holidays, as the added commotion could make them anxious.

“Many animals get very, very nervous from big gatherings or strangers in the house. They could have accidents in the house. They could be hiding. They could be trying to dig into things to get underneath the bed in the back of the closet. Different things like that. Almost what we see with fireworks or thunderstorms,” said Dahl.

Although all the vet clinics in the area are closed on Thanksgiving, if your pet is sick, you’re urged to call the Emergency Clinic in Duluth: Blue Pearl.

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