St. Luke’s Hospital Prepares Special Thanksgiving Menu for Patients

St. Luke's staff celebrate Thanksgiving with their own holiday traditions.

DULUTH, Minn.- Sometimes, work or unfortunate circumstances means that not everyone can gather around the dining room table to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with their loved ones.

That’s why staff at St. Luke’s hospital spent their holiday making a special dinner for the doctors, nurses and patients to enjoy.

Their Thanksgiving has a few food traditions the whole hospital looks forward to.

“It’s hard to be a patient in the hospital at any time and that’s especially true during the holidays,” room service attendant Rebekah McParlan said.

Staff at the Blue Waves Café say food is how they express love to others.

And what better way to show their love on thanksgiving than with a once-a-year, special menu?

“It’s got pumpkin pie on it, apple crisp, the carved turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes,” McParlan said.

It’s nutrition services favorite day of the year.

They know their patients look forward to sharing a meal with their doctors, nurses and loved ones.

“Taking in the menu in the morning, when you get their breakfast order, their like, ‘Oh you have a thanksgiving menu!’ and it excites them, I think, and it’s a good feeling inside to know that you can do that for them,” Linda Pooler said.

There’s less traffic in the hospital on holidays.

And staff can get more one on one time with their patients to eat or talk and make sure their not alone on the holiday that’s all about being with loved ones.

“Because food is medicine and anything we can do to help people get healthy and out of here as quick as possible,” McParlan said.

“It’s just a good feeling knowing that you can make their day special,” Pooler agreed.

St. Luke’s hospital will also prepare a special meal for Christmas.

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