Officials Warning to Stay Off the Roads During Storm

The combination of high snow totals, high winds, and blizzard conditions will be treacherous Saturday and Sunday.

DULUTH, Minn. – The resounding message from Duluth city officials on Friday was stay off the roads during the impending snowstorm.

The combination of high snow totals, high winds, and blizzard conditions will be treacherous Saturday and Sunday.

“If there really is no need to travel or go out just don’t. You’re putting yourself at risk, you’re putting others at risk, you’re putting first responders at risk,” said Officer Ronald Tinsley, of the Duluth Police Department.

People in the Northland should be preparing themselves for two days of intense snow and treacherous roads.

“Do what you need to do if you need to get medications or go to the grocery store get that done soon before the snow really starts to get going because we are expecting blizzard conditions and high winds that will be causing gale force impacts on Lake Superior,” said Kate Van Daele, the Public Information Officer for the City of Duluth.

If road travel is extremely necessary police suggest packing extra clothing and food in their car in case of emergency.

“If you do happen to go in the ditch don’t leave the vehicle unless it’s a dire emergency to. Because someone is either going to call 911 and we’ll have a better time looking for you at your vehicle,” said Ofc. Tinsley.

Big events are happening in Duluth this weekend with the UMD hockey game at the DECC and Bentleyville at Bayfront Park.

City officials say they will keep people updated about their status.

“We can communicate early to them if there needs to be a no travel advisory that goes out just to make sure that people are safe and either at home or getting to where they need to go safely,” said Van Daele.

It was also an extremely busy day at hardware stores with people stocking up on the important things to have during the storm.

“It’s crazy, Black Friday everyone is off for the holiday with thanksgiving and snow is pending so we’re buying shovels and grit and salt and Christmas presents so it’s sort of a melee of everything,” said Steve Marshall a part owner of Marshall Hardware.

Duluthians are encouraged to keep up on the City of Duluth’s Facebook page for continuous updates throughout the day with travel advisories.

Also, the Duluth Transit Authority is warning customers that they may have to change or even cancel routes if the road conditions are severe enough.


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