Officials Keep Close Eye on City After Storm, Still Cautioning Travel in Some Areas

Canal Park and surrounding areas take hits from deep snow and standing water.

DULUTH, Minn.- Among major neighborhoods in Duluth affected by the storm, Canal Park and Park Point may have taken the hardest hit over the last two days.

Duluth police kept a close watch on the downtown area after closing several roads in and around it.

“This was a snowfall total that’s right up there with some of the worst ones I’ve ever seen,” Lt. Robin Roeser said.

The Fall blizzard is being marked as the 9th snowiest 2–day storm in Duluth history.

But the snow wasn’t alone for this one.

“There’s a lot of water and there’s always potential for flooding down here,” Roeser said.

Wind and waves crashing in from Lake Superior led officers to shut down parts of Canal Park, Harbor Drive and Park Point to non–residents.

Despite deep snow and standing water, officials opened the canal back up to the public early Sunday afternoon.

Officials still don’t think travel conditions are safe, however.

“The roads are in rough shape down here,” Roeser said.

Police say public works is working as fast as they can.

“The plow drivers are working very hard to keep the main roads plowed. They still have quite a bit of work left to open up the main thoroughfares before they can even get to the residential,” Roeser said.

Main streets are opening up, but most cross roads in Duluth won’t be driveable until Monday morning.

In the meantime, officials hope people stay patient and continue to stay home until the city makes the call that all roads are safe in the area.

“Whether it’s a winter storm or storm during different parts of the year, i think that if people are just prepared and have what they need at home, most people can weather the storms are home,” Roeser said.

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