KYN: Dozens Of Christmas Trees Dug Out Of Snow

DULUTH, Minn. – These mounds of heavy, are causing a few problems out there. In this week’s knowing you neighbors we are introduced to an area tree seller dealing with lots of extra work.

Over at Super One in West Duluth, Christmas trees are being sold.

But at first glance, you wouldn’t even notice.

“There’s probably 75 or 50,” Hoffbauer Tree Farm Employee, Brodie Nordquist says.

That’s because the majority of these trees are covered underneath a pile of snow.

And Bordie Nordquist with Hoffbauer Tree Farm has been helping dig them out all afternoon.

“First get out of your driveway. Hope that the roads are cleared enough that you can get to your business. Then more snow removal,” Nordquist says.

The farm even took extra precautions as the storm approached, but there’s no way to be ready for almost two feet of snow.

“Down at the farmers market we hauled everything inside. Down here we took in all the wreaths, porch pots. Stuff like that. It’s in the shed here. We just got all the trees kinda piled up here,” Nordquist says.

And thanks to lots of digging, more are trees ready… and waiting to be sold.

“So I’m just working on clearing this lot out. So we can bring more trees in and get them set up for everybody to come look at,” Nordquist says.

But if you need a tree right now.

“If someone walked in right now, I’d ask them what do you want and I’d dig it out,” Nordquist says.

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