Volunteers Come Out To Help Get Bentlyville Open After Snow Storm

About 10 volunteers took time out of their day just to help out.

DULUTH, Minn.- The holiday season is not complete without a little bit of snow.

But as inches on top of inches fell throughout the city, it kept folks occupied with digging themselves out.

And Bentleyville was not an exception.

“Shoveling at Bentleyville is way more fun than shoveling at home, it’s a snow day so we are making the most of it by staying out doors,” said Daphne Amundson.

Dedicated Bentleyville staff spent the most of their weekend attempting to all clear the new snow.

“It’s a monumental effort to put Bentleyville together and anyone that comes here can appreciate the effort,” said Amundson.

Those staffers weren’t alone. About 10 volunteers also took time out of their day just to help out.

“I’ve been going to town for a couple of hours getting in a work out,” said Rachel Diebele.

Bentleyville’s Executive Director says this weekend’s snow storm is comparable to another storm five years ago.

That big snow fall also caused the light display to close for several days, just like this year.

“It’s certainly a huge financial impact for us because our store is not operating and our donation boxes are not having money put in them,” said Nathan Bentley.

Even though this weekend’s closure was a setback, the executive director says the safety of visitors is always a top priority.

While it may not be the prettiest snow clean up, folks can now get back to enjoying the excitement of Bentleyville.

Bentleyville is always in need of volunteers.

Help is still needed to finish clearing snow and folks are also welcome to help out with daily staffing of the event.

As long as the weather cooperates Bentleyville’s Tour of Lights is open everyday at 5 p.m. until December 28th.


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