Pedestrians Frustrated With Sidewalks Not Getting Shoveled

It's been nearly a week and some sidewalks in the city are still not cleared.

DULUTH, Minn. – Snow clean up for roads in Duluth has been a hot topic this week, but even though the snow stopped falling several days ago, and the lack of shoveled sidewalks is continues to be a big concern.

And many are letting the city know just how frustrated they are.

Under a Duluth city ordinance, property owners with a public sidewalk are required to remove snow from that sidewalk within twenty four hours after a snow fall.

It’s been nearly a week and some sidewalks in the city are still not cleared.

Clear sidewalks can be essential for pedestrians to get around safely in their daily lives.

After about two feet of snow covered the city, the lack of shoveled sidewalks is creating unsafe conditions.

One pedestrian, who recently had surgery on her hip, says it’s becoming more of a hardship for her just to get around town.

“It’s taking a toll. I go to bed very sore. I can’t fathom the pain because it hurts so bad,” said Kim Kovach. “People need to get off their butts and getting out there and shoveling their sidewalks.”

Property owners are required to clear a path about 40 inches wide.

City officials say they understand the large amount of snow can be difficult to clear.

They want to remind folks they still have to follow the rules by clearing their sidewalks.

“This has been extremely challenging for everyone,” said Property, Parks, and Library Director Jim Filby Williams. “We are asking citizens to work together, help their neighbors, and to do their best. ”

Officials say the city will be reasonable if they see property owners are making a good faith effort to remove snow from their sidewalks.

They also say this year will focus more on educating everyone about the ordinance, rather than enforcement.

Property owners not in compliance with the ordinance will receive a letter advising them to shovel their sidewalk.

It is also the responsibility of property owners to keep up with the snow clearing even if a plow dumps snow on the area.

If there are any places that folks believe still need to be cleared, it’s best to report them on the city’s website.



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