St. Louis County Focused on Widening Streets, Clearing Sidewalks

County crews have been working hard since last weekend's winter storm

PIKE LAKE, Minn. – St. Louis County tells us all county roads have been plowed for days, but snow removal isn’t done yet. County crews are now pushing snow piles back and clearing sidewalks.

Plows have been filtering in and out of the county public works building in Pike Lake after the district was pelted with more than twenty inches of snow in less than a day.

Superintendent Gordy Halverson has worked for the county for thirty-four years. He tells us the latest storm was one of the most challenging for public works since Halloween 1991.

Halverson is proud of how efficiently his crew got more than seven-hundred mile of roads cleared. They’ve since turned their attention to moving snow banks further from roads, so there’s space to push the snow from the next winter storm.

“We’re trying to push back intersections for the sight lines so you can see to get around corners. [Friday] we’re going to start with the snow blowers, opening up the sidewalks we maintain. We maintain twenty-seven miles of sidewalks,” said Halverson.

County staff hope to get all those sidewalks cleared in two or three days.

Next week they plan to start removing some snow near roads, making big piles on county lots like at the corner of Rice Lake and Martin Road.

Public works officials say the best thing you can do to help them out is stay patient. They’re clearing all the wet, heavy snow as quickly and efficiently as they can.

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